Multi-media “Smart City” Terminal Machine

Functions of Muti-media Smart City Terminal Machine
  • 1. Video surveillance based on face recognition
While doing real-time video surveillance, the “Smart City” terminal will use key crowd identification system to analyze the characteristics of the people in the surveillance area, and to collect and model the face images of the people in and out of the surveillance area. The face models is in real-time compared to the special people in the face database such as lost children, the elderly, suspects and criminals.
Applicable scenarios: crowded area, park entrance and exit, business hall, sidewalk, residential community, campus.
  • 2. Information publishing terminal
The muti-media “Smart City” terminal machine has a high-definition display screen no less than 55 inches, which can broadcast city promotional films, government public service advertisements, attraction introductions, popular live shows, disaster warning, public opinion and so on in the form of video and pictures .
Applicable scenarios: crowded area, park entrance and exit, business hall, sidewalk, residential community, campus.
  • 3. One-button alarm device
In the event of an emergency, if one-button alarm device is triggered, the voice and video information will alert at the same time in the back-end system, and the position coordinates will also display.
Applicable scenarios: parks, residential community, campus.
  • 4. Public WiFi
The muti-media “Smart City” terminal machine offer public WiFi in crowded areas, public service areas, park recreation areas, stations, squares, etc. At the same time, through the WiFi certification portal page, the surrounding tourism information and government public information can be diffused .
  • 5. Convenient charging device 
In the muti-media “Smart City” terminal, free USB charging ports are set up in bus stops, parks, office halls, squares, stations and other areas to facilitate the use of citizens and tourists. And charging piles for new energy vehicle are arranged in the parking lot.
  • 6. Convenient public telephone
In the bus stations, parks, plazas, service halls, stations and other places, internet communication technology is used to arrange convenient public telephones for public or visitor in case of emergency.
  • 7. Human-computer interaction intelligent terminal
The human-computer interaction intelligent terminals adopts internet communication technology, thus the public and tourists could query the surrounding information, path navigation. The intelligent terminal has the near-field sensing system, which facilitates check-in of near-field personnel as well as urban management. 
Applicable scenarios: crowded area, park entrance and exit, business hall, sidewalk.
  •  8. Air quality testing
The intelligent terminal is equipped with an air quality detecting device, and it detects PM2.5, M10, temperature, humidity, and noise. Data is automatically collected for cloud storage for government intelligence departments.
  • 9. Smart parking guidance and management platform
The platform has a people-oriented parking management system that is convenient for vehicle guidance and parking. It is reliable, advanced, flexible and expandable. It maximizes the utilization of parking facilities and improves efficiency. The platform can adapt to social informatization and intellectualization, and rely on advanced science and technology to achieve efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection of parking lot operations, so that it can maintain its advanced position for a long time.
  • 10.  Smart city management system
“Smart City” Integrated Operation Management System is an information integration platform and collaborative service platform. The system is oriented to urban managers. From the perspective of urban comprehensive management, the system connects all kinds of existing and new business systems according to unified standards, realizes the comprehensive integration and sharing of urban operation and management information resources and intelligently cooperates with business applications. Relying on the urban information resource database, the system provides intelligent decision support for urban managers.
The above functional items are modularized and integrated into one, which can be installed in different scenarios according to requirements with intelligent and technological appearance. It is a business card of a city or community because it will make government information more transparent, citizen’s traveling more convenient and safe.